Ugandan engineers invent ‘smart jacket’ to diagnose pneumonia

A team of Ugandan engineers has invented a “smart jacket” that diagnoses pneumonia faster than a doctor, offering hope against a disease which kills more children worldwide than any other. The idea came to Olivia Koburongo, 26, after her grandmother fell ill, and was moved from hospital to

Source: Ugandan engineers invent ‘smart jacket’ to diagnose pneumonia

New views on talkers.

(Photo: Brendan Smialowski, AFP/Getty Images)
Letter to the editor:

While I applaud USA TODAY for taking a strong and consistent stand against gun violence, the editorial “Keep guns away from the mentally ill” gets it wrong. The editorial states that gun laws should focus on mental illness, but research shows that the vast majority of people living with mental illness will never be violent, and mental illness alone is not a large risk factor for committing violent acts against others. Rather, behavioral indicators — such as prior acts of violence — are strongly associated with a future risk of violence. Gun violence restraining orders are a powerful new tool because it focuses on these risk factors rather than mental illness. The restraining order policy allow law enforcement and concerned family members to petition a court to temporarily remove guns from individuals displaying dangerous signs. The alleged shooter at the Fort Lauderdale Airport had a recent history of violence that would have justified a restraining order. Focusing on violent behavior, rather than mental illness, protects the public without further stigmatizing people living with mental illness.

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