Scientists identify a new human organ

Irish researchers say the human body has an additional organ that has been misunderstood for at least a century.J. Calvin Coffey, a professor at the University of Limerick’s Graduate Entry Medical School, says the mesentery, which connects the abdomen to the intestines, is not a fragmented group of tissues as the scientific community has long held, but a single, unified organ.So now, the human body has 79 organs, as noted by The Independent, which first picked up the story.The researchers published their findings in the peer-reviewed journal The Lancet.The identification of the organ has already led to an update to one of the world’s most famous medical textbooks, Gray’s Anatomy.And it is the basis for a whole new field of science, noted Coffey in a news release.A clearer understanding of the mesentery as a single organ could make surgeries less invasive, reduce complications and speed recovery time, as well as reduce costs, the release noted.

Source: Scientists identify a new human organ

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