Driverless car regulations Michigan – Business Insider

Michigan just became the first state to establish regulations for the testing, use, and eventual sale of self-driving cars. Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation at the Automotive Hall of Fame on Friday allowing for the testing of self-driving cars without a steering wheel, brake pedal, or human in the front seat. The law also allows companies to use self-driving cars for ride-sharing services. The law will also allow self-driving cars to be sold to the public once the tech is tested and certified. Ford, General Motors, Google, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, Uber, and Lyft helped shape the legislation. Though it’s a huge moment for self-driving-car policymaking, automakers have conventionally been pushing for a federal framework for self-driving cars rather than a reliance on a piecemail, state-by-state approach. The Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets, which includes companies like Ford and Google, has been pushing for the federal government to pass a comprehensive set of regulations governing the testing and use of self-driving cars. David Strickland, a former administrator with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is the representative for the coalition.

Source: Driverless car regulations Michigan – Business Insider

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