How Was The Moon Formed? New Theory Revealed!

Gradually, like a tiring partner in a very long dance, the smaller body began to slow down and drift away until it reached its current spot in space.Hamilton acknowledges that the model doesn’t answer all the remaining questions about the moon’s orbit.There are a couple of problems with the textbook theory.”So that really put a break on the giant impact hypotheses”, Stewart said.Scientists think this means more energy must have altered the Moon’s position.The Moon’s current orbit is tilted 5 degrees off the equator, meaning some more energy must have been put in to move it.’Every other body in the solar system has different chemistry, ‘ she said. “We ignored the fact that tidal flexing within the Moon can decrease lunar orbital inclination”. “Any theory that is going to stand the test of time has to get us there”.Hamilton, with lead author Matija Cuk of the SETI institute and their colleagues Simon Lock of Harvard University and Sarah Stewart of the University of California, Davis, tried many different scenarios.”You have the one event and then you stand back and just watch and everything will happen on its own”, she said of the new scenario. Their work, published in Nature, point to a far more energetic collision than has previously been predicted.This is called the giant impact hypothesis. It starts with a crash.Or Theia could have, coincidentally, been isotopically similar to young Earth.”A more violent impact … that vaporized a good part of the Earth as well as the projectile would homogenize the isotope ratios”, Jay Melosh, a planetary scientist at Purdue University, said in an interview. Debris from the impact later helped form the moon.

Source: How Was The Moon Formed? New Theory Revealed!

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