WASHINGTON — In a conversation with Yahoo News on Thursday evening, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., offered a blunt assessment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s decision to end the federal government’s hands-off policy toward marijuana.“He is out of step with our nation. He is on the wrong side of history just like you look back on those people who were pushing alcohol prohibition,” Booker said of Sessions. “He’s going to be looked back at as someone who was undermining and hurting this country.”Booker predicted Sessions’s decision could lead to a “massive pushback” that could include increased support for legalization in Congress.The senator’s comments came hours after Sessions rescinded three memos from the Obama administration that largely left the question of legalizing marijuana up to individual states — keeping federal laws against it on the books while not challenging local laws that allowed its distribution or sale. That policy encouraged many states to decriminalize marijuana for medical purposes and, increasingly, for recreational users.During the campaign, Donald Trump said he would leave the issue up to the states, but Booker said he knew Sessions might reverse that course. “I was incredibly angered but really not that shocked. I’ve been warning people about this possibility,” Booker said. “Because not only did [Sessions] speak out against state action on marijuana, but he seemed to have a particular obsession with marijuana and I think a misperception on how dangerous the drug is.”In a statement on Thursday, Sessions called his shift a “return to the rule of law.” But his directive to U.S. attorneys, while a clear change in direction from the Obama position, did not include an explicit order to begin a crackdown. Rather, Sessions said federal prosecutors should use their own discretion “in deciding which marijuana activities to prosecute.”

Source: Booker decries Sessions ‘obsession with marijuana’